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Anton Sekeresh Matted and Framed Acrylic.

Acrylic by A. Sekeresh

Product Detail

The great Ukrainian artist Anton Sekeresh depicts a beautiful landscape rich in soft, pastel colors in the lovely, original acrylic. Sekeresh’s brushstrokes create pleasant textures, expressing a quiet and inspiring view of nature. This striking original acrylic work measures 26” x 16” and will make an incredible enhancement to any art collection. Sekeresh’s extraordinary work is matted in almond, giving this superb painting an elegant presentation. This painting is signed in the lower right corner and is masterfully framed with a high quality custom frame measuring a total of 33” x 25”. Please refer to this as NDOF Item Number A-025. Sekeresh was born in 1962 in the Carparthian Region in the Ukraine, formally part of the USSR. Due to the close proximity to Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Austria, Sekeresh was influenced from these neighboring countries from an early age. His whole academic life largely concentrated in fine arts, from lower school to his schooling at the Lyceum Institute in his native Carpathia. He continued his education at the Uzhgorod College of Art where he studied sketching, composition, and landscape painting.